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    of bread and cheese and a glass of beer from a miserable old

    Yu Huan Zhen, unseeing eyes slowly condensing focus, gruff Nan. No blame him back, semi fuzzy semi conscious back

    evening flew away on gossamer-wings The time was at hand

    profess to be profound; but I do lay claim to common sense’

    whom house-doors were locked, and house-dogs barked, that

    A figure appeared in the distance before long, and I soon knew

    outward stiffness and composure I began to reflect whether I had

    themselves—that they seemed to twinkle instead of his eyes,

    eyes, I don’t think I should have regarded it as much more than I

    Poor Mrs Micawber! She said she had tried to exert herself,

    I am not sure whether it was in the pride of having such a

    and the ship to which I belonged had sailed away and left me on a

    me to him were broken In the keen distress of the discovery of his

    on a shelf; and I divined (God knows how) that though the two

    Affecting to laugh, she got an opportunity of putting her hand

    observed that conventional phrases are a sort of fireworks, easily

    him long myself, though he was a friend of my aunt’s

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘I suppose,’ said my aunt, eyeing me as narrowly as she had

    to use And why shouldn’t he, if he thinks proper!’

    Debates, to cool It was one of the irons I began to heat

    Jones—for Jones! a boy of no merit whatever! The gulf between

    have a better right to it than any other man!’

    made three discoveries: first, that Mrs Crupp was a martyr to a

    conceived I had done them an injustice, for when two or three of

    goes J missing D distracted Information sent to police Man to

    was housed at Dover, and another, and a longer letter,


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