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    consoled myself under my small troubles (which were great

    What Mr Dick had told me, and what I had supposed to be a

    Deep, downright, faithful earnestness’

    I think?’

    Once again, let me pause upon a memorable period of my

    brandy—which was all gone—thanked me with a majestic curtsey,

    and then sat with it drawn on her left hand like a glove, and her

    you do now?’ I returned, after a little consideration

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    trades, and the product will give you the desired result I say I do a

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    extremest point in the horizon to which your abilities may lead

    ‘We are young and inexperienced, aunt, I know,’ I replied; ‘and

    house being on that waste-place, and not a hundred yards out of

    voice, I did the honours of the shaving-pot; but I did them with an

    where we arranged a plan of correspondence through Miss Mills,

    ‘Who’s the man? I want to know his name’

    working with a better heart in my own house, than I could in

    boat arter dark, and the light a-shining in the winder When I

    hand, and speaking in a breathless sort of way ‘What do you

    touch of softness in her voice, as she answered:

    back, on a visit to Doctor Strong, there are not many there, besides

    small sofa, underneath a picture of a race-horse, with her head

    enabled to gratify my aunt exceedingly by reporting that the


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